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Express Yourself Art!

Trapped first by their bodies, then again by the people around them. One massive barrier wall stacked on top of another. The isolation must be crushing. Yet there is that light in their eyes. How had they kept their spirits alive? What would they tell us if they had the power?

~ Excerpt from Tim Lefens' book, Flying Colors (2002)

What is EXPRESS Yourself Art!?

The T. K. Martin Center's EXPRESS Yourself Art! (EXperiencing Painting as Recreation & Express the Spirit within YourSelf) uses the techniques of Artistic Realization Technologies (A.R.T.) to provide a means for Mississippians with the most severe disabilities to feel the power of self-expression through art. Trained individuals, called trackers, "act as neutral arms, executing the vision of the physically challenged through laser-guided tracking and other exacting technologies" (Lefens, 2005). Trackers use precise techniques to "allow a person with the most minimal ability to move to create subtle, exacting works of art" (Lefens, 2005).

Tim Lefens' program, Artistic Realization Technologies (A.R.T), is located in Princeton, NJ.  Mr. Lefens has written a book about his experience entitled, Flying Colors.

The Martha Lipsey Art Gallery, located in the T. K. Martin Center, features the art of EXPRESS Yourself Art! artists.


Monday thru Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
or by appointment 


Express Yourself Art! is funded through the sales of paintings & merchandise.