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Dyslexia/Reading Services

The IGNITE Dyslexia/Reading Clinic builds basic skills for students who have trouble with reading.

The mission of the IGNITE Dyslexia/Reading Clinic is to ensure that individuals with reading difficulties are able to build a love of learning through reading and writing. Individuals in our program will be exposed to assistive technology and learning strategies which will aid in their success. The goal of this program is to IGNITE the love of learning by building successful readers and writers.

Reading Therapy

The IGNITE Dyslexia/Reading Clinic builds basic skills for students who have trouble with reading.  This multisensory program is taught through the use of Orton Gillingham programs designed to teach reading and spelling skills. The students in this program also may receive writing instruction paired with technology meant to meet the needs of IGNITE learners.

During the school year, IGNITE reading coaches work with students at a time chosen to fit the child’s schedule at the T. K. Martin building. Our session hours are two times a week for one hour each time.

For more information, please contact the T.K. Martin Center at 662-325-1028 and ask for Jasmine.

Additional Resources

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This website was created by Susan Barton of the Barton Reading and Spelling System.  Susan has been putting together resources for nearly 30 years. 

Understanding Dyslexia 
This website is an easy to read explanation of dyslexia.  The website also has links to other information about many learning differences.

Through Your Child's Eyes   
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International Dyslexia Association
This website has an explanation of dyslexia and links to state and global resources.