Seating and Mobilty

Many children and adults have their first introduction to assistive technology when a mobility system is designed to meet their specific needs. A mobility system is more than just a wheelchair. It is the primary tool that a person with a physical disability uses to navigate his or her world. When fitted with a prescribed seating system, a mobility aid can become a medical necessity. A custom seating system can improve function while lessening the incidence of pressure sores and minimizing, if not preventing, postural abnormalities.

T.K. Martin Center Provided Services

The T.K. Martin specializes in the provision of mult-disciplinary team evaluations of adult and pediatric clients' seating and mobility needs. The T.K. Martin produces customized devices which help position individuals in their chairs with careful attention to medical and physical needs. Manual and power mobility aids are prescribed, along with prone standers, side lyers, and other positioning devices. Wheelchairs are adapted with customized seating systems, trays, easels, and power controls for use with environmental control units, communication devices, and computer interfacing.

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Assistive Technology
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