Assistive Technology for Learning Disabilities

Assistive devices and strategies can be used as compensatory tools by certain individuals with specific learning disabilities. Application of the technology combined with certain strategies can facilitate functional capabilities by allowing the individual to use alternative methods for receiving, expressing, manipulating and integrating information. Assistive technology may help reduce the impact of processing difficulties, such as impaired memory, attention, and comprehension. Communication difficulties, such as reading and creating written documents, may also be enhanced by assistive technology.

T.K. Martin Center Provided Services

The T.K. Martin Center specializes in evaluating individuals with specific learning disabilities for technology that may improve their ability to function more fully. The evaluation matches an individual with appropriate equipment, software, and strategies that will compensate for the disability. Persons can use the technology to learn, organize, and communicate information in a way that allows them to meet their goals. As with most forms of assistive technology, such recommendations result in tools which must be learned and mastered by the client in order to be effective.

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