Job Accommodations

Job accommodation is the application of adaptive and assistive technology to make the performance requirements of a task meet the abilities of the individual performing the task. Individuals requiring job accommodations include those with sensory, communication, and cognitive disabilities as well as physical disabilities. Job accommodations are provided after medical intervention and rehabilitation assistance have been fully maximized, and the individual is still unable to fully function within a specific work environment.

T.K. Martin Center Provided Services

The T.K. Martin Center collaborates closely with rehabilitation counselors, related professionals, and employers throughout the state to work with individuals with many types of disabilities who require job accommodations. Such accommodations may be a part of a more comprehensive assistive technology approach, or may be the only service required. The T.K. Martin Center has the necessary design and fabrication resources to perform in-shop modifications to environmental devices, and to fabricate unique, assistive devices. In addition, the center can participate with local contractors and service delivery specialists to assure that all vocational related needs of the individual with a disability are being safely and efficiently accommodated. The T.K. Martin Center can also provide surveys of work sites to determine relevant ADA compliance. For more information, contact Eric Knox.

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