Home Accommodations

Accommodations to the home can be performed for persons with physical, communicative, sensory, and mental disabilities. The purpose of home modifications is to allow people with disabilities to regain independence, or to maintain independence by making the environments more conducive to their specific needs. Modifications can be performed outside and inside the house to make the home more accessible to a person with a disability and to lessen the dependence they have on other family members or outside support persons.

T.K. Martin Center Provided Services

The T.K. Martin Center specializes in working with referral sources to provide individual home assessments and to make recommendations regarding changes that will increase the overall accessibility of the residence. The staff can identify features of the home that can be modified or replaced utilizing off-the-shelf equipment. Surveys can be conducted to determine the nature and extent of structural changes that should be recommended for the home, including entry and exit ramps, modification to stairs, and alterations to restrooms. Such structural modifications are not normally completed by the T.K. Martin Center staff, but are summarized in a written report that will be provided to the referral source for bidding by independent contractors. The T.K. Martin Center staff can also assess the need for a broad range of assistive equipment for activities of daily living. This includes such items as environmental control units, adaptive utensils, and accessible cabinets.

For more information, contact Eric Knox or Judy Duncan.

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