Assistive Technology for Hearing Impairments

Persons with hearing impairments can be assisted in a variety of ways to function better within the home, school, community, and employment. Although hearing aids offer benefits for some individuals with specific types of hearing loss, many people need more assistance than hearing aids can provide. There are many types of assistive equipment available to aid individuals who are hearing impaired or deaf. Assistive technology for persons with hearing impairments attempts to utilize other modalities of communication, whereby the inability to hear will not affect the overall performance of an individual in a specified task.

T.K. Martin Center Provided Services

The T.K. Martin Center specializes in the evaluation of assistive technology needs of persons with hearing impairments. Services provided are contingent upon the vocational, educational, and social tasks which need to be performed. Modifications can be made to environments within homes, schools, and job sites that will enable a person with a hearing disability to be more functional. The T.K. Martin Center does not provide hearing aids services for persons with hearing impairments.

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