Adaptive Computer Access

Computers have become a powerful personal, educational, vocational, and rehabilitation tool for persons with disabilities. Individuals with physical disabilities of many types can now have full control of personal computers to complete their education, become gainfully employed, or increase their overall independence. In many cases the personal computer is considered to be a rehabilitation tool, as it provides the resources that a person with a disability must learn to utilize in order to become productive. Specialized adaptive computer technologies are used throughout the educational and rehabilitation process, and may be used to increase access to educational material and to make certain types of jobs more accessible to persons with physical disabilities.

T.K. Martin Center Provided Services

The T.K. Martin Center specializes in the evaluation of persons with physical disabilities and their ability to benefit from select adaptive computer interfacing devices. Evaluation services may result in the recommendation and justification of the necessary adaptive computer equipment. Subsequent services include the configuration of the entire system once it is purchased by the client or referral source and the orientation of the client to the system's operation. An evaluation by the T.K. Martin Center staff attempts to determine the extent to which adaptive computer technology will enable the client to complete the identified tasks and the extent that it will have a positive impact on the client's overall functioning.

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