Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Several forms of adaptive technologies, including computer based technologies, can be used to enable persons with communication-based disabilities to communicate with family, educators, employers, and significant others. The ability to speak intelligibly and effectively can be impaired for many different reasons. When traditional speech therapy is unable to assist with the return of natural speech, augmentative and alternative methods of communicating are considered. The alternatives range from relatively "light tech" to "high tech", and include systems that provide synthesized or "machine generated" speech. These technologies require varying levels of skills in order to become proficient and effective.

T.K. Martin Center Provided Services

The T.K. Martin Center specializes in the evaluation of persons with communication disorders to determine the appropriateness for augmentative and alternative communication technologies. Services may result in the recommendation of the necessary equipment as well as the setup of the communication system once it is purchased by the client or referral source. While training in the use of this technology is an on-going, often lifelong process, the T.K. Martin Center provides the initial orientation and the necessary instruction to the device user and significant others regarding the constant learning process equated with this technology.

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