Assistive Technology for Brain Trauma

Individuals who suffer closed head injury or brain injury present a variety of challenging issues to professionals involved in the rehabilitation process. Upon the completion of medical intervention and return to the community, specific deficits related to the injury may prevent the individual from functioning independently within the home, school, community, or vocational setting. Assistive technology interventions involve individualized applications of devices and processes to compensate for the impact of the brain injury. Such technologies could include prompting and reminder systems, organizational systems, and monitoring systems.

T.K. Martin Center Provided Services

The T.K. Martin Center specializes in assistive technologies that increase the independence and overall functional capabilities of persons with brain trauma. The T.K. Martin Center staff can work in conjunction with community based rehabilitation staff who specialize in the needs of persons with brain injury. Each case is reviewed individually to determine the appropriateness and extent to which assistive technology services should be rendered. While the T.K. Martin Center staff are not involved in issues of cognitive rehabilitation therapy, they can provide assistance in solving individual problems identified by the head injury rehabilitation professional.

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