Camp Jabber Jaw is a summer camp at the T.K.Martin Center designed for children who use augmentative communication devices.

The T. K. Martin Center's project EXPRESS Yourself! (EXperiencing Painting as Recreation & Express the Spirit within YourSelf) uses the techniques of Artistic Realization Technologies (A.R.T.) to provide a means for Mississippians with the most severe disabilities to feel the power of self expression through art.

Focusing on infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with developmental delays, Project IMPACT (Insuring Mississippi Parents' and Children's Tomorrows) provides evaluation and intervention services to maximize the developmental potential of Mississippi children.

The IMPACT team provides services at the T. K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability at Mississippi State University, or in a natural setting such as the family's home or day-care center. The Project IMPACT team works is funded in part through the Mississippi Department of Health, First Steps, Early Intervention System, and the Mississippi Department of Education.

The Mission of the IGNITE Dyslexia Program is to ensure that learners with reading difficulties are able to build a love of learning through reading and writing. Learners will be exposed to assistive technology and learning strategies and be given the necessary foundations for success.

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